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Mar 02, 2021

Well here we are. I announced this project on my personal blog a few days ago, and wanted to set up a dedicated space for it, so welcome.

I’m hoping to log progress on Dinghy/Karp here as they develop, and provide details and such that are related to those two projects as they come up. For now, it’s quiet around here, though I’ve got one post up so far that you may find interesting.

An important thing about keeping this log is to try and demystify the process of making an engine. I’ve made games so I understand the ideas associated with an engine, but I never really thought I could make one myself. Even as I type this I feel an immense sense of imposter syndrome about my ability to execute on the vision of Dinghy.

But! Having looked around a bit, making an engine is like making any other piece of software. Some parts are new, many parts are copied, and others are tweaks of existing systems. Dinghy is no different.

Lastly, I wanted to shout out a few specific places that inspired me to write this:
Clark Kromenaker’s G-Engine Posts
Our Machiner’s Blog
Luxe Alpha Documentation

Luxe especially too, and a big shoutout to Ruby here. Her work on Luxe was something I originally discovered back in 2014 and felt like a breath of fresh air. To me, it challenged the whole idea of what it meant to make a game/engine, which at the time, to me, was only something Big Companies did. The writing felt approachable and kind, and I really bought into the ethos of Luxe. I’m only now realizing, in retrospect, that its inspired me ever since. If you ever read this Ruby, thank you.