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Dinghy is an upcoming game framework/engine built in C#.

It’s built with immediacy, coziness, and magic in mind. Below is a blog that tracks its development, and serves as the homepage for the project while things are still getting setup.

Mar 18, 2021
Something I’ve been thinking about recently with Dinghy is the idea of cognitive load. Cognitive load is basically how much information your brain is able to process at once, or over some period of time. There’s a million ways to talk about this, but one of the most salient points I keep coming back to is one that feels tangential, or even unrelated, which is the idea of something being “beginner friendly” or being “flexible”.
Mar 03, 2021
I’ve recently strung out the MVP of Dinghy. I’m compiling Kinc with a set of extensions I wrote in C into a dll, then calling those functions with C# bindings I wrote. The C# bindings (“Karp”) call that compiled library code. Karp is hand-written for now, but I’m hoping at some point to have the bindings generated as part of the same build process. Bringing those two DLLs (Kinc + Karp) over into a new Dotnet project and running the test function in Karp, produces this!
Mar 02, 2021
Well here we are. I announced this project on my personal blog a few days ago, and wanted to set up a dedicated space for it, so welcome. I’m hoping to log progress on Dinghy/Karp here as they develop, and provide details and such that are related to those two projects as they come up. For now, it’s quiet around here, though I’ve got one post up so far that you may find interesting.
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